Three particular names are to be retained by whoever intends to delve into the fusion of flamenco (in its most jondo avatar) and jazz: Carles Benavent, Tino di Geraldo, and Jorge Pardo.

Three people… for a whole lot of fans which only gets bigger in time.

The trio was born after the dissolution of “El Sexteto”, one of the most emblematic bands of contemporary flamenco, and breeding ground for that joyful interweaving of jazz improvisation, pure flamenco, and the earthy, multicolored rhythms coming out of the Mediterranean Sea –an always lively melting pot of sounds.

After El concierto de Sevilla, and with their seemingly boundless ability to absorb and merge genres and palos, from funk to swing, from fandango and bulería to blues, rock or bebop, the trio Benavent-di Geraldo-Pardo (electric bass, drums, saxes/flute) launched Sin precedentes, their first studio record.

Awarded ‘best jazz album’ (Premios de la Música 2010), this record, which includes compositions by each of the three band members, can be heralded as the height of their creativity. In addition, Benavent, di Geraldo, and Pardo seem to have reached a seamless mutual understanding as human beings. Talk about fusion!
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